Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving on Up

Today was Ristow's Kindergarten graduation. He was styling in his Tony Hawk shirt and black tie, which of course he picked out. (Luckily I talked him out of the striped sport jacket to wear over it ;)
It was a wonderful program. The kids sang a few songs and then got their certificates. Ristow kept chanting "Shake, then take" over and over the last few days so that he wouldn't mess up when he had to shake the principals hand and accept his certificate. He did great.

I am so very proud of Ristow. He has worked hard this year and really made it a great one! Next comes 1st grade and now he walks with his head a little higher when you mention him as a first grader. He is so cute. I am so thankful for his teacher who took extra time to challenge him and had extra patience with his out of the box thinking ;) It was a great fit and a great year!

I picked him up early as a reward and he got to pick where we went to lunch. Of course he picked McDonald's, since we hardly ever go there and you get a toy! Then for dinner, Poppy took him out to eat at the Cowboy restaurant (Logan's). Quite a day of celebration!