Friday, May 13, 2011

The End Times or The 13 year Cicadas, whichever you prefer

The other day I heard someone at the store say "Oh my gosh, I saw one of those Cicadas today!"

To which I wanted to reply "You should come to my house, we've got thousands!"

Yes, this is the year of the Cicada. For the 10yrs we have lived in Nashville I have been hearing about the 13 year Cicada. Well, finally it is here.

Yesterday we walked out to the bus stop and you could not walk across the yard without hearing a crunch every step. Ristow tip-toed and danced his way to the bus stop trying to avoid the Cicadas and their shells. He has had a bug phobia ever since he was two and we took him to a butterfly garden, when a giant rainforest-esque butterfly the size of his head, flew in his face.

Jessica on the other hand has been totally into the Cicadas. She wants to play with, inspect and step on the crazy things. She picked one up by the wings at the bus stop and loved watching it buzz around in her hand. I on the other hand eventually swatted it out of her hand because it was grossing me out ;)

It is so noisy around our house and as you drive down the road. They fill the trees and are everywhere. Not sure how long they are going to be gracing us with their presence but for now I battle between Ristow not wanting to even go outside and Jessica begging at the door to be let out and explore.

And of course because of living in the bible belt there are those who swear that our Cicadas are a sure sign of the end times. Well, I say whether it is the end times coming or just another year with lots of crazy bugs. We love each other the best we can in the meantime tip-toe through the Cicadas!