Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Man at The Bus Stop

Today is the day! Ristow's first day of Kindergarten. We are all so excited for him, but his biggest thrill was that he was going to get to ride the School Bus!
Getting ready this morning he hardly ate any breakfast. I thought this was because he was too excited to eat, then he says "My friend told me that I have to eat a string cheese on the way to the bus stop to be all set for school." So sure enough, he had to take a string cheese to eat while waiting for the bus, though his little friend isn't even in school yet ;)
One other little girl was at the bus stop waiting. His eyes lit up as he heard the bus coming and he couldn't wait to get on. The bus driver was wearing a Hawaiian print shirt and a big smile. He said all the kids call him English, because he's English. Ristow found his seat, the doors closed and we waved goodbye. I never thought I would be one of those super emotional mom's on the first day of Kindergarten, but I have to confess that walking back to the house, my eyes teared up and I cried with pride at the little man I am watching grow before me!


Elissa said...

I cried just reading about it! Such contrast of emotions comes with being a mother. Holy cow! It's so true - when they're babies, you can't wait to see who they'll grow up to be, but then, as they are growing up, you just want them to stop!

Love you sweet friend, and GO RISTOW!