Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The No Bow Baby

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not the biggest fans of bows. Bows in general, on clothes or in hair have never appealed to me. I have always thought that bows worked best on presents and that is about it. Now other people can pull off bows, I have seen some adorable little girls with gigantic cute bows in their hair that look great, but me personally not a fan.

Until Now.......

With Jessica not having much hair on her head, bows seemed kind of silly to me. Then we received these headbands in a bin of hand me downs and boy do they look cute. Now the thicker headbands that we have tried in the past made Jess look like she should be in the movie Flashdance. But these thin ones are way fun. The only trouble we have come into is.................

We hear her fussing and crying and come to find that the crazy headband has become a blindfold! This has happened more than once and even the ladies in the church nursery said that it kept sliding over her face. So it looks like for now, she can wear the cute bow/headbands only under constant supervision ;)
Looks like bows will wait a while longer.