Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family, Family and More Family!

We spent a most wonderful time last week visiting a plethora of family. Wednesday we headed up to Ohio to see Christopher's parents and introduce Jessica to Nana and her Auntie Ames and Uncle Todd (who are expecting their own little bundle in Sept!). We truly enjoyed our time together. Christopher even took Ristow sled riding on the Camel's Hump, one of his own childhood sledding favorites and everyone had a blast. The kids traveled great and come Friday it was off to Cincinnati and the Great Wolf Lodge ( with the indoor waterpark!) There we met up with my parents, my brother Jim , Suzannah, my niece Dylan and I got to meet my precious new nephew James!
(Yes you read that correctly, we did sled riding in the snow and swimming at the waterpark. We had to pack for EVERYTHING. You should have seen our car! Not to mention all the baby's gear, it looked like we were leaving for a month.)
I absolutely loved seeing my family. We had some much needed time to just hang out and enjoy one another. I miss them already.
So many pictures to share.... Here are some from the first part of the trip, more pics of the Paul family and waterpark pics to come!


Elissa said...

Love love love the pic of you and Jimmy with your eldests (is that a word?!)!! Love love love YOU!!