Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Lightbulb Goes On!

Ristow has always been fascinated by bones, x-rays, bodies and the anatomy of pretty much all living things. Lately is has been dinosaur bones but any bones will do. ( by the way he is beside himself with excitement to see the ultrasound aka baby x-ray on friday)

Last night we had a rotisserie chicken for dinner and he saw Christopher eat a chicken leg and put the bones on his plate. He looked and asked if that was a real bone. Christopher gave it to him to look at and the wheels started turning. All of a sudden it made sense to him that the chicken we were eating used to be a live chicken with bones. The first time that the connection is made that we eat dead animals. He handled it surprisingly well and scientifically.
Pretty soon he was wanting all the bones to collect them and investigate them. Luckily the main carcass was still hiding on the kitchen counter so all he saw were the drumstick and wing bones.

After Poppy and Christopher cleaned them for him, Ristow grabbed his microscope and started going to work, he wanted to hide them around the house to go on a bone find. I didn't think that would work too well, especially if any got lost and some little boy happened to be over playing and found one. What would his mother think, random chicken bones hiding around the house!

I love that he is so amazed and intrigued with the world around us, but I don't think we will be eating anything else for dinner with bones in them for a little while.