Sunday, July 12, 2009

The First Annual McClintock Camp-In

The other night we had our first annual camp-in, when Ristow suggested camping I offered a fun night of camping in the living room, mostly to accommodate my own pregnacy comfort but he eagarly accepted the offer.

Here was the plan.....
Ristow set up his mini tent for himself (set up by 8am that morning), Christopher was going to sleep on the floor next to the tent and I would sleep on the couch.
After our campfire and roasting marshmallows Ristow kept pretend yawning asking if we were all ready for bed, he was so excited to start the camp-in. We all got settled in and Ristow decided he wanted to sleep on Christopher's mat with him, so Christopher lovingly put his mat inside Ristow's tent for them to share, with both sets of feet hanging out of the tent, it was quite a sight.
Christopher fell sleep by 9:30 and Ristow stayed up picking different places to sleep untill about 10:30 when he finally chose to curl up on the couch with me.

So, in the morning, Christopher was in Ristow's tent by himself, Ristow was asleep on the couch and I had been moved very willingly to my own bed.
All in all a successful camp-in.


Bri said...

That is so cute! You guys are such a fun family :o)

Elissa said...

Love it!!