Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Karate Lessons

Last night Ristow had his first Karate class! He had a private lesson with the instructor last week and yesterday he was testing to get his first belt (white). Christopher was able to take him and got to watch. Ristow really seemed to like it and do well.

So the 3 things that Ristow had to work on over the last week besides his punches, kicks and blocks were....
1. Respect skill - looking people in the eye when they are talking to you
2. Discipline skill - standing still when spoken to and saying "yes, Sir"
3. Black Belt Timing - Doing things when needed, obeying the first time you are asked

Seriously? This is awesome. I have been trying to get Ristow to do these things for a long time and now all we have to do is give them ninja type names and all of sudden he wants to do them ;)Super!

He goes again on Thursday and is really excited to go back. I am so glad that we have found something that he can be a part of and enjoy.


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