Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This Halloween was lots of fun! We had a costume birthday party to go to in the morning, to which Ristow actually wore his new ninja costume that we bought for halloween. Then by mid-afternoon he decided he wanted to be something else. So the cowboy emerged with all his yee-hawing and ofcourse a samurai sword to boot. (whatever floats his boat) Then we hit the parade in my parent's development. Lots of great costumes. I went as the planet Saturn, mom went as a Picnic and Christopher was a pirate.
Dad made his homemade pizza which rocked, and Christopher and Ristow headed out to trick-or-treat.

My parents decided this past weekend to buy a Wii. I think they are hooked! We had Wii bowling competitions and I hear mom and dad have been enjoying the Wii boxing too! It was great. Then they showed us the karaoke channel they found on comcast on demand, and we howled our way through some classic songs, though it was the 8 minute American Pie that made us all sing even louder and decide we were done for the night. I think I even saw Ristow roll his eyes once or twice! Anyway, it made for good memories and a fun time.


suzannah said...

out. of. control!!! so funny:)