Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great Kid

This morning I had a little bit of a rough time, exhausted and lots of baby pressure on my body. As Ristow and I were waiting for a friend of ours to pick him up and take him to preschool, I apparently fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to Ristow checking my heart with his stethescope and then trying to have his lego guys give me medicine to help keep my eyes open. He was so caring and loving as he says "feeling better now mom?"
I am so thankful for the age he is at right now and how understanding he is with my pregnancy.
He is so ready for his baby sister to come! I think he is also ready for me to be done being pregnant, 2 more months buddy!


Liz McDougal said...

Christie, I love reading your blog! And what a sweet boy you have! What you wrote hit home with me because my daughter, Ryann, is 5 and although I wasn't on bedrest, I was grateful for her age every time she asked to bring me water after seeing my throw up from the morning sickness I had for 6 months. They do have such an understanding that makes the pregnancy more of a "we're in this all together" type thing.
Hang in there and glad to see you on that walk with the family!