Saturday, August 29, 2009

Star Wars Amoured Assault Tank

Today we used the last of a gift card that Ristow had gotten for Christmas. Since his birthday and Christmas are so close together it helps to save some fun for late summer when he is really wanting something new. We told him that he could pick out a new lego set with his gift card, since he is just really getting into legos. He knew from the start he wanted Star Wars legos.
I waited in the car while Christopher and Ristow went on their mission to pick out his set.
They came out of the store beaming from ear to ear. He had picked out a Star Wars Amoured Assault Tank (for ages 8-14) (with 407 pieces) YIKES! is what I thought to myself.

Upon arriving home we emptied all the bags out onto the kitchen table and decided just putting the guys together would be a good start. Then it was time for Ristow and Dad to head to a birthday party and come back to the Legos later. They arrived home at 4:35pm and at 4:36pm we had started the lego tank.........................4 and 1/2 hrs later........................................

Following instructions and putting together tiny pieces with a 4yr old is pretty much insane, but we patiently all worked as a family trying to make the tank. Well, to be honest, many of the parts near the end Christopher and I had to do and then just let Ristow attach them. Ofcourse the two times Ristow dropped it and the one time I broke it apart didn't help make the project go any smoother. But we can say we successfully put together the tank! We did make sure that Ristow understands that the next time he drops it or takes it apart at all, he is on his own to make something new. That is why we had to take pictures of it, since today is probably the only time anyone will EVER see it correctly put together. But now he has 407 new lego pieces to create new and amazing things! By the way, Christopher is currently asleep on the couch after that Long and Memorable famiy experience.


mcclintock1948 said...

Hahahaha Good stuff!