Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Hiatus

I apologize for the month hiatus from my blog posting. This last month has been very introspective for me and I haven't had many times where I have felt like posting all my thoughts.
Today, however, I have two fabulous boys in my life telling me how beautiful I am and what a great mom I am. How could I not feel beautiful and full of love and life, so much so that I need to let that feeling escape my fingers onto the computer screen.
This past weekend Christopher treated me to a night away for Mother's Day at a four star hotel, which was so wonderful. It was a blessing for my parents to watch Ristow. And while I adore my son and love being his mother, being alone as husband and wife was a much richer gift on Mother's Day. I am so thankful to have a life where I am appreciated and loved so dearly. It is the days like today that I need to write down and look back at often, especially days where I feel like the worst mom or my least favorite person. I will remember this feeling and cherish it because it is truth to me and a reminder of how God feels about me each day no matter what.
I am thankful!


Elissa said...

I love you, beautiful! I love your grateful outlook on life, the way you look at all things and find meaning and purpose. You inspire me!