Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Big Race!

Today I am so proud of Ristow. This morning he had his first Race!
After watching Christopher run in numerous races and get medals and t-shirts, Ristow has been begging for his turn to do a race. We have run family races in the front yard with homemade bib numbers and trophies, but this was his first real race that he was signed up for.

There were three levels of race... the bunny 1/8th mile, the greyhound 1/2 mile and the cheetah 1mile. We initially thought Ris would do the bunny, it being his first race and all, but quickly learned that he was about to prove to himself that he could do the 1/2 mile. He was so excited! He got up at 5:30am because he was ready to race!
When the horn sounded, all the kids took off. Ristow did great, he only stopped a couple of times, but never gave up! (can you tell I am excited for him by all the exclamation marks I am using)
I ran along with him for encouragement but he saw me as competition and kept a pretty quick pace. Poppy came with us to the race and snapped some great pictures. He also was the cheering squad with signs and lots of "Go Ristow"s. Ristow really enjoyed all the attention and people cheering for him.
We had so much fun this morning, I definitely foresee more races in Ristow's future. Before we were home he was already asking when his next race was, and I thought Christopher was addicted to racing. It is in Ristow's blood and today was the first of many great race experiences for him!


Elissa said...

LOVE IT!! Tell him congratulations from Aunt Lis! :)

suzannah said...

this is so cool! i didn't even know anyone staged wee races:)

great job, ristow!!